The Fall of the Knights Templar
The Fall of the Knights Templar
August 14, 2021
Palace of the Grand Masters of Rhodes
Opening the Doors of a Castle: The Palace of the Grand Masters of Rhodes
August 15, 2021
The Fall of the Knights Templar
The Fall of the Knights Templar
August 14, 2021
Palace of the Grand Masters of Rhodes
Opening the Doors of a Castle: The Palace of the Grand Masters of Rhodes
August 15, 2021

11 Bottom Line Items for Your 2022 Rhodes Vacation

Rhodes bottom line items: Power Bank, Mosquitto Repellent etc. Everything you will need when in holidays 

Rhodes is a beautiful island in Greece, perfect for those looking to enjoy the sun and relax on the beach. It's also a great place if you want to explore ancient ruins, swim in the crystal waters or get lost in one of many stunning nature parks such as the Valley of the Butterflies or Farma of Rhodes. But before you pack your suitcase, make sure you have these 11 items:

1) Slippers

This is a must for your feet after long days of exploring or on the beach. Pick up a pair with non-slip soles to prevent any accidents in the shower, too!

2) Towel and Beach Bag Combo

Pack an extra towel so you always have one clean when you need it. A beach bag is also important for carrying all of your essentials when you head to the sea! This will help save space in your suitcase and make sure you're always prepared. One more thing: Don't forget a cover-up to keep yourself from sunburn or rashes on sensitive areas such as your feet, knees, and shoulders.

3) Good Book

There's nothing better than relaxing on the beach and reading a good book. Pick one up from your local library or bookstore before you head out so that once you get to rhodes, all you have to do is pack it in your bag!

4) Hat

It's important to keep your head and scalp safe from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat or something similar. It'll block out harmful rays while looking stylish as well!

One more thing: Check that you have some type of sunscreen with SPF 30+.

5) Mosquito Repellent

It can't be emphasized enough: Rhodes is a modern tropical island (in the Medditerranean) with plenty of mosquitos! Make sure you don't forget your repellant before heading out.

One more thing: Pack some type of rash cream or ointment in the event that a bite becomes infected.

6) Backpack

A backpack is handy for those who want to explore Rhodes on foot.

One more thing: Pack a water bottle inside your bag so you always have access to fluids while out and about!

7) Comfortable Shoes

This is important for all-day outings. Choose a pair that's comfortable enough to walk in and durable so rhodes' dusty terrain doesn't wear them down before you even have time to enjoy the beach!

One more thing: Make sure they're water-resistant or waterproof so rain won't ruin your shoes while.

8 and 9) A Good Camera and extra batteries for your electronic devices!

Don't forget your camera! Even though Rhodes has tons of beautiful sights to see, it's not always the easiest place to take pictures.

Two more things: Pack a lens cleaner and microfiber cloth so you can get all those dirt marks off before uploading them online. Consider buying a power bank for your mobile! You may want to be unlimited hours on the beaches of Rhodes!

10) Travel-Size Toiletries

This is especially important for those who are going to Rhodes with the intention of staying a few days. Bring your favorite products from home so you don't have to buy it at Rhodes which will save some space in your luggage and money!

One more thing: Pack biodegradable toiletries in your toiletry bag so Rhodes' environment doesn't have to deal with the waste.

11) A digital guide from Jacob and Mells!

With so many tourists visiting Rhodes every year, there are also many "tourist traps", shops ran by opportunists to gain profit over tourists ignorance of the destination! It's important to make sure you're getting the most out of your stay and create positive memories. Luckily for all those dreamers who want a more authentic experience when they visit this beautiful island in Greece, Jacob and Mell's have created digital travel guides that are curated by locals!

This means detailed information about safe places to go as well as friendly prices (from 3 euro!) And if you buy now, there is also an opportunity to win tickets back next year too!!

Last by not least: From the classic cruiser ride to a luxury yacht, from fast food junkies and Instagram addicts alike there is something for everyone. They're not kidding when they say that their Rhodes coupon book is the be-all, end-all of discount shopping. From food to fashion and jeep safari, you'll find a virtual treasure trove for every taste in each of the 8 different digital guides available at !


Conclusion paragraph: There are plenty of ways to spend your holiday in Rhodes. From sunbathing on the beach, going wine tasting or hiking through nature you can find something for everyone! What else will be on your list? Use our checklist and the information we've provided to get ready for a fun-filled 2022 holidays this year.

We hope that with these 11 must have items, you'll feel prepared enough to make some great decisions about how you want to enjoy yourself during your stay in Rhodes. Happy holidays from all of us here at!

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